One in 80,000 By Tracy Moore

Early in my career as a firefighter I had already collected three stork pins. Granted, two came after delivering one set of twins. When my newest call came in for an imminent birth, I calmly strolled to the rig. I sensed anxiety as the rest of the crew piled into the cab. The captain and…

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Chasing the Flash- Part one of 3 by Captain Tracy Moore

Chasing the Flash I like the me I was, more than the me I have become. I like the idealistic me—before I understood regret. Jessie, pound for pound was the strongest person on the fire department. She was knocked on her ass during a training drill and my internal injustice alarm screamed through my idealistic…

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Chasing The Flash – Part 2 of 3 – By retired Captain Tracy Moore

I value kindness most. I often find kindness in conflict with what I value second, truth. I mentioned a story of revenge in my last post. What does revenge have to do with kindness? Months after refusing to participate in the unsafe hose training drill, I was assigned to an engine company at a new station. The station…

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History of Women in Firefighting

Women have not only been a part of, but have influenced firefighting for almost 200 years. After World War II most men were deployed for war, so women stepped up to take the lead in firefighting. A lot of women also volunteered their firefighting services, resulting in volunteer-run stations. Meet 4 of the pioneers in…

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woman fire fighter

4 Reasons Why Women Should Become Firefighters

It may seem like a man’s world, but women are making inroads into the firefighting profession. Women have been fighting fires for over 100 years and today there are more female firefighters on the job than ever before! There are many reasons why women should become firefighters — from having a fulfilling career where you…

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