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The mission of Triple F is to inspire, motivate and instill confidence in female firefighters and females in Emergency Medical Services around the world. Triple F was founded to provide a place for our members to find support, guidance, sound advice and friendship within a network of sisters. Our goal is to become synonymous with the term “sisterhood” as it relates to the fire service by fostering a sense of belonging and accountability in each and every member. Triple F is dedicated to helping our members grow in skills and knowledge, and to face the pressure, stress and trauma of a career in the Fire and EMS services with dignity, professionalism and resilience. We are here to help build stronger, more resilient firefighters who can be a force for good, inside and outside of the fire service.

We also strive to increase the number of women who participate in the fire service by making it a safer, more tolerant place to work for women in our field. In short, Triple F exists to provide a safe and understanding environment where our members can grow to their full potential as fire service professionals and inspire future generations to do the same.