Meet our Triple F Plush dolls

Fire Fighter Dolls for Girls

These dolls were designed to inspire, motivate, and empower girls, while also recognizing the female firefighters worldwide.

Developed for ages 3+, the Triple F doll line now features three different characters: Ember, Molly and Ash. Ash is our newest member to our line of firefighter dolls. Ember and Ash are fire reference names and Molly is named after a historical figure, Molly Williams. Molly Williams, an African American, was the first known female firefighter in the United States, back in 1815. Lt. Guiler wanted to name this doll Molly to honor her dedication to the fire service.

  • ONLY authentic looking female firefighter plush dolls on the market
  • Designed by a real female firefighter!
  • Removable bunker jackets, a hood, a pair of gloves, an axe, and wearing a fire helmet.
  • Working suspenders and pockets just like our real gear.
  • Brushable hair that can be styled
  • Doll stands at 15 1⁄2” tall
  • All hand-crafted using only soft materials.
  • Unique Triple F (female firefighter) logos on the helmet, bunker coat, and the shirt.
  • Each doll has their own custom box with photos of female firefighters and includes a gear guide that explains how each piece of gear protects a firefighter inside a fire.
  • There are also two inspirational quotes autographed by real female firefighters.

If they can see it, they can be it

Firefighter Doll Creator,
Tina Guiler!

My name is Tina Guiler. I am a Lieutenant for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue since 1999. My degree and certifications include, AS degree in EMS, firefighter, EMT, paramedic and fire inspector. I am also part of the CISM team for my department. I run a private group page on facebook called, Triple F, which means fierce female firefighters. It was started by another co-worker on my dept back in 2013. I took it over by myself in 2016. We continued developing unique female firefighter logos and I grew the group to over 7,100 female firefighters from 58 different Countries. We are the largest social media group for women firefighters in the World. We are a support network for women in the fire and EMS services. Due to my unique logos I started a business with Triple F shortly after taking over the group page.

Being a female firefighter all these years I still get asked by young children, "Are you really a firefighter?" or “I didn’t know girls could be firefighters”. This gave me an idea to design and make a female firefighter plush doll for children using my unique logos on the gear. I want to show little girls that they can be anything, even a firefighter. So I started a line of female firefighter plush dolls that have removable gear. This is the only authentic female firefighter plush doll designed by a firefighter in the world. I have three different dolls now. Ash, Ember and Molly. Ash and ember are fire reference names and Molly is named after Molly Williams, who was the first female firefighter in the USA, back in 1815. I wanted to honor her dedication to the fire service.

Women currently represent only 4 to 6 percent of the entire fire service in the United States, and this makes our job as role models even more important to young girls. My hope is that these dolls will change how people see the fire service. For every doll purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Triple F Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The motivation to start this foundation stems from my diagnosis with breast cancer in 2018 and wanting to help other firefighters battling cancer and on the job injuries. I am thankful to have beaten cancer and I hope to help many others going through what I did.


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For every doll purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Triple F Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, which Lt. Guiler is the founder of. This foundation directly supports firefighters who are battling cancer or on the job injuries.

Lt. Guiler, the Owner and CEO of Triple F, has battled breast cancer herself and designed the dolls to not only inspire young girls but to help firefighters in need.