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The mission of Triple F is to inspire, motivate, and empower female firefighters and females in Emergency Medical Services around the world. Triple F is dedicated to helping our members grow in skills and knowledge, and to embrace the challenges in our career of Fire and EMS services with dignity, professionalism, and resilience. We are here to help build one another up, so that we can be of service inside and outside the fire department.

Triple F was founded to provide a place for our members to find support, guidance, sound advice and friendship within a network of SISTERS. Our goal is to become synonymous with the term “SISTERHOOD” as it relates to the fire service by fostering a sense of belonging and accountability in each and every member. Triple F is dedicated to helping our members face the pressure, stress, and trauma of a career in the Fire and EMS services.

We are here to help build stronger, more resilient firefighters. Triple F exists to provide a safe and understanding environment where our members can grow to their full potential as fire service professionals and inspire future generations to do the same. We also strive to increase the number of women who participate in the fire service.


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Triple F'er Pictured:
Lieutenant Julie Baglole
She has served the Village of Gagetown FD in New Brunswick, Canada since 2016.


  • Firefighter Level 1
  • Auto-Extrication
  • Medical First Responder
  • EFF (Wildland Firefighting)

Tina Guiler - CEO

I am a Lieutenant for Miami Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR) in Miami, Florida, in the US.

I started my career in 1999 as a Firefighter and became a Paramedic within 3 years. I later earned Driver engineer and for the past 13 years

I have served as a Lieutenant for MDFR.

I have an Associates in Science degree. I am a state certified Fire Inspector. I am an active member of our Departments Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM). I am certified in ASIST Training (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training).

After 18 years in operations, I obtained the bid position of a Lieutenant Fire Inspector for my Fire Department where we have 20 inspectors for new construction inspections.

Triple F Founder, FF Gea Haff and I work in the same Fire Department. In 2016, I joined as a member of Triple F. I had watched Gea create an environment that allowed women to support other women, uplift other women and inspire women to become their best selves.

After a year of being a member of the group, Gea had asked me If I would like to help her run it. I said, of course, I would be honored to.

The next year working with Gea was amazing. I learned a lot about our members & what women were going through and the different challenges they faced in different parts of the World. Our job was to create a platform for women to be able to reach out for support, advice, and encouragement.

We also wanted to create a training environment that allowed women to discuss different techniques and different ways to get any task completed.

We know no matter how big or small the job may be, it can always be accomplished.

As our platform grew over the next year, FF Gea Haff asked me to take over Triple F and continue our mission. So in 2017, I took over Triple F and got to work. Here we are in 2019, with over 4,600 female firefighters and EMS members from all around the World. We continue this mission because Together We Are Stronger!

~ Tina

“Together We Are Stronger”

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Tina Guiler - CEO

Lt. Guiler has served with Miami Dade Fire Rescue since 1999.



  • Fire Inspector
  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management Team)
  • CPAT Proctor
  • Driver Engineer 

Gea Haff - Founder

TrileF-53 GEA HAFF WEB FOUNDER PIC about page_2

Gea Leigh Haff - Founder

Firefighter Haff has served with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue since 2004.


  • Special Operations Flight Paramedic
  • Scuba Rescue Diver
  • ASIST Training (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • Fire Chaplain
  • Paramedic

*Work of which she is proud:

  • Book Author
  • Writer

I created Triple F in a moment of fevered inspiration.  It was May 2013, three months after my mother died.  I’d been a firefighter/paramedic with Miami Dade Fire Rescue for nine years, and on that morning I little suspected what a powerful inspiration my mother would serve when it came to my relationship with the fire service.  Three months after her crossing, I was running in a wildlife park outside of Key Largo, when a wave of emotion flooded me.  My mother was a shining, passionate spirit, who loved to see everyone’s dreams come true, and as I ran through the wild hammock I felt as if her spirit flooded me with love and gratitude. 

I thought back to my grad school days when I was getting an M.A. in Women’s Studies in Religion (WSR).  This had been an exciting, but challenging time in which I really had to step it up academically.  Not only were we expected to read 800 pages of Nietzsche in a single week (I didn’t do it) and pump out 30 page papers every semester (that I could do!), I was surrounded by many students far smarter than me.  In some ways I was out of my league, learning to navigate brand new pathways, but there was a beacon in my midst who made it a lot easier.  And fun too.  Her name was Dr. Karen Torjesen and she was my professor and Dean. 

Every month, Professor Torjesen would invite the student’s from her WSR program to her house for wine and chocolate.  We’d come together in a spirit of solidarity, and while sipping on wine in her lovely living room, we’d share how our studies were going, what we were thinking of writing our thesis on, and how we were doing emotionally and spiritually.  Professor Torjesen fostered an environment of support, one devoid of competition or pettiness.  She brought us all closer and made it clear that she expected us to act as sisters who aided and supported one another so we could all reach our highest potential.   

Wouldn’t it be cool, I thought, as I ran that day, if something like that existed for the fire service!  A place where women could come together and share our hard earned experience and strength with each other, free of judgment or a skeptical eye.  A place where we wouldn’t be the one and only, trying not to draw too much attention to ourselves in order to survive.  A place where we could empower one another in a culture that sometimes gnawed at our confidence.  A place to inspire and foster our spirit. 

And so I did it!  I went straight home, opened Facebook before I chickened out, and started Triple F.  Then, about half an hour later, I panicked.  I felt physically sick.  Exposed and vulnerable.  I was drawing attention to myself, always a dangerous thing to do when you’re outnumbered and have never really fit in.  But I don’t quit, so I kept going.  To my total surprise the group grew like wildfire.  Women from all over the U.S. joined and soon it spread to firefighters from around the globe, in places like Switzerland, London, and Mexico. 

It became clear a vacuum loomed within the fire service—one of the most male dominated fields in the world—and Triple F was filling it by simply creating a community for women who might otherwise have few sisters to turn to for advice or support. And so Triple F grew fast and furious.  Over the years, many of us have traveled far to connect in person, laugh and tell stories, even with a martini or glass of wine in hand.  We offer each other the kind of camaraderie that a rescuer can sometimes only experience with another rescuer.  And we help to keep our spirits strong and shining like the women who have come before and taught us well.  Thank you Mother and Dr. Torjesen!

I created Triple F to empower our body, mind and spirit, all of which flows through our hearts.  We slay fire with powerful hearts.  We pick up the fallen with strong hearts.  We guard each other with our hearts.  Life as a rescuer is dangerous not only to the body, but even more to the heart and spirit.  Many of us have stumbled from broken hearts and faltering spirits.  It’s crucial we empower and protect each other.  As the power of women grows within the field, I believe healing and balance will grow.  If we, women, remain true to ourselves, we have the innate gifts that will bring light, wisdom, and balance to all of our brothers and sisters.

My career with the fire service is coming to a close.  It’s been a true honor and blessing to work with Miami Dade Fire Rescue.  While there, I worked as a FF, paramedic, rescue diver, special ops flight medic and fire chaplain.  I even wrote a novel!  And because of Triple F, I’ve had the honor to write for Fire Rescue magazine, JEMS, as well as many blogs.  Now I’m off to new adventures: exploring the world, spirituality and creativity in ever deepening ways.   And so I leave Triple F in the hands of Tina Guiler, who has the dedication and vision to take this community ever onward.  I know that Triple F is inspirited and sustained by all the brave sisters of Fire/EMS who continually inspire with their toughness, resilience, and passionate hearts.  And, I’m comforted by the deep support Triple F has received from our brothers.  May you all pay your strength forward because . . . Together We Are Stronger!

Keep shining!