Female Firefighter Plush Doll “Ash” is NOW AVAILABLE

Female Firefighter Plush Doll “Ash” is NOW AVAILABLE


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Introducing the First Ever, one of a kind,
Triple F – Fierce Female Firefighter Plush Doll !!!

Meet “ASH ” !

Our newest Doll just ARRIVED ON MARCH 22nd!!       ASH IS NOW AVAILABLE !!!


You are being offered a chance to order & adopt one of these real looking female firefighter plush dolls.  This is the only one like it on the market and with it’s own female firefighter logos and a cool looking box it comes in.
Triple F Doll named, “ASH” – Blonde hair, light skin tone & Blue eyes.

Doll is 15 1/2″ in height, all soft with no sharp edges or plastic. It is completely a plush doll. Has long brushable hair that can be styled any way.

  • She has removable parts- the Triple F axe, her gloves, her hood, and her bunker coat.
  • Her suspenders can be taken off her shoulders and fall be her side, but they do not come off.
  • She comes with a booklet inside that show how each part of her gear protests her in a fire. It also has 2 inspirational quotes by 2 female firefighters with their autograph to inspire your little ones.
  • All other parts are sewn on to the doll so she stays looking like a firefighter.
  • It is surface washable.

– Warning- For AGES– 3 and up due to the small detachable parts that can be a choking hazard.

NOTE: If you would like to purchase any other Triple F items besides this doll please note you should put them on a separate order if you want them right away. Items ordered together with this ASH doll will not be delivered until the dolls are ready to ship. We do not have a date of delivery as of yet but we are hoping for January, 2023.
Please purchase other products on a separate order.
Any updates for production & delivery will be shown here.


* The best parts of owning one of these dolls is she is soft & cuddly & she will keep you company. & for every doll purchased a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Triple F Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. This foundation directly supports female firefighters & women in the emergency medical services who are battling cancer, on the job injuries, ptsd, and other medical injuries. www.TripleFFoundation.org

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Weight 15.02 oz
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 6 in


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