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Triple F is where the world’s Fire and EMS service sisters come together to motivate, share their experience, and inspire one another.

Fierce Female Firefighters

Triple F's intention is to empower first responders in mind, body, and spirit. Our belief is that by creating a fierce sisterhood of resilience and support we can become the strongest and most united first responders in the fire service.

"Together We Are Stronger"

The mission of Triple F is to inspire, motivate, and empower female firefighters and females in Emergency Medical Services around the world. Triple F is dedicated to helping our members grow in skills and knowledge, and to embrace the challenges in our career of Fire and EMS services with dignity, professionalism, and resilience. We are here to help build one another up, so that we can be of service inside and outside the fire department.

Triple F was founded to provide a place for our members to find support, guidance, sound advice and friendship within a network of SISTERS. Our goal is to become synonymous with the term “SISTERHOOD” as it relates to the fire service by fostering a sense of belonging and accountability in each and every member. Triple F is dedicated to helping our members face the pressure, stress, and trauma of a career in the Fire and EMS services.

We are here to help build stronger, more resilient firefighters. Triple F exists to provide a safe and understanding environment where our members can grow to their full potential as fire service professionals and inspire future generations to do the same. We also strive to increase the number of women who participate in the fire service.

Firefighter Ethos

Triple Fer’s believe that to be a firefighter is a privilege. We understand that we represent less than 6% of the fire service and are therefore role models to other women who may someday follow in our footsteps. As such, we will strive to conduct ourselves with honor and dignity, on and off duty, with our families, significant others, friends, and crew.

Triple Fer’s will support their sisters and brothers and be a uniting force within their departments. We will actively seek out training in firefighting and will not wait for someone else to provide it. We will protect our sisters and brothers and our communities while treating each other with compassion. Through study and practice, we strive to have triple focus on mind, body and spirit in order to be a better asset to our crew and fire department.

The women of Triple F understand that we are rescuers and consciously choose to risk ourselves so that others may live. We will endeavor to carry courage into all aspects of our life- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We will strive to live selflessly for our families and communities, and when we die, we will go out like warriors, with a heart free of fear and full of love for the world.

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Meet Our Plush Dolls

These incredible firefighter plush dolls are just what every inspired little girl firefighter needs.  She is dressed in a fire bunker coat, wearing a fire helmet, and carrying a favorite tool of firefighters—an axe. The bunker coat, hood, gloves, and the axe are removable. Even the hair itself is brush-able & style-able! The doll is made for ages 3 and up.  While a female firefighter doll is unique on its own, what makes THIS doll extra special is the logo that appears on her helmet, bunker coat, and on the blue shirt under her fire gear. You won't find this logo or doll anywhere else in the world. The logo on the shirt represents Triple F - it features a woman firefighter holding an axe, just like the doll.

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Check out our informational blog posts regularly for inspiration and great stories from fellow firefighters. This is a great place for first responders to read the experiences of others within our community, and know that you are not alone. We continue this mission because Together We Are Stronger!

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Here at Triple F we are dedicated to letting young women know that they can be whatever they want to be.  Check out our resources for some great information about upcoming events and fire camps designed to encourage and give some insight to being a firefighter. Reach out to us if you are hosting a fire camp for girls - We would love to get the message out! Triple F also has a private Facebook group page for female firefighters. It is home to over 6,700 women firefighters, from all over the world, supporting and encouraging one another.

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