Come Hell or High Water

An article I wrote for Fire Rescue Magazine and Firefighter Nation about an incredible rescue attempt by MDFR’s Fireboat 1


Come Hell or High Water

Come Hell or High Water

By Gea Leigh Haff
Published Wednesday, April 1, 2015 | From the April 2015 Issue of FireRescue

“Surely it would be every firefighter’s worst nightmare to watch a young couple burn to death only feet away while you fight for their rescue or to watch them drown while you cut them out of a sinking ship with saws failing from melting fiberglass and cascading foam, but both outcomes were impending realities for Firefighter Nick DiGiacomo when he responded with Miami Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR) Fireboat 1 to a yacht fire at the Miami Beach (FL) marina in the early morning of March 31, 2008.”

. . .

Nick DiGiacomo fought aside another firefighter whose face he did not recognize and whose name he still does not know. This is the brotherhood. This is firefighter nation. When we are truly on a life-or-death call, we express our highest nature; everything else falls aside. Rivalries, politics, departments, nationality, and religions–none of it matters when a call comes in. It is simply a human being fighting to save another human’s life because somewhere deep down inside we instinctually know that life is worth fighting for.”


Stay Tough & Never Quit!






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