What The Walking Dead & The Fire Service Have in Common





1.Get strong or die. There is no room for the weak. The weak endanger the strong.  The weak put everyone at risk.  Get strong and stay that way. Your strength may look different than the guy in the seat next to you, but everyone must bring their own strength: man, woman, child, or one-legged grandpa.


2. Know that death comes for us all. Even the strong. Don’t be shocked. Prepare yourself now.  Take every day like it will be your last.  Be kind to your loves and if you’re torn from them before you have a chance to say I love you one more time, you’ll know they knew it with their entire being because of the love and respect you showed them every day.


3.Together We Are Stronger. We can’t do this alone.  We need each other. Find a point of connection with your crew even if you come from a completely different world.  The strongest families are often the ones we forge ourselves.  Be loyal and don’t screw your brother over for a bid, lay, or because you’re plain morally lazy. Family is sacred. Their family is our family. We protect each other’s family. Guard each other’s back.


4. Don’t become a psychopath. You will see ugly things. At first you will be shocked by the depths of individual human depravity.  Then you will begin to think that perhaps all humans are like this and our species totally sucks. You will witness things that deaden you down:  mutilated women, murdered children, men stabbed to death for something as small as a mango.  Life will seem cheap and people will look weak.  This is not true. Grow wise, but don’t lose compassion. Our souls are worth fighting for.  Without our compassion, without our humanity, we are no more than walking corpses.


5. Don’t let your friends go insane. Pull each other back from the brink. (You can’t do this if you are a psychopath.) Pay attention and when one of our own is about to walk off the deep end and take a nap in a pit full of zombies, pull them back and tell them why their sanity matters.  We need each other.


6. Pay attention. Awareness is a way of life. Little things are important.  Details can be a matter of life and death.  Situational awareness must be practiced until it becomes a thoroughly ingrained habit.  (You can’t do this if you’re drunk all the time, so don’t be an alcoholic.)


7. Everyone has something to offer.  If you don’t know what your gift is, find it.  It may be emotional, spiritual, or physical.  All of it matters.


8.The biggest person is not always the biggest asset.Physical strength matters, but heart and will matter more.  And when one of us slacks someone else has to pick up and carry our weight. Don’t slack. Work hard and smart and forge your will.


9. Intelligence trumps force. Intelligence burns a lot less energy than brute force.  Conserve your energy and feed your brain. Learn.  But when it’s time to bring it, Bring It.


10. Always bring a tool.  


11. People will get hurt and die.  It’s okay to cry.  It’s okay to curl up in a ball in the middle of the road. Grieve.  Honor them with your pain.  Shout it to the skies.  Rage against God! Then get back up and carry on. Your family needs you.  You are important to our survival and well-being. Everyone matters.


12. Never Never Never Quit! Even when it looks completely, absolutely, stupidly hopeless. You never know who is about to jump in.  And you never know how strong you truly are until you are standing upon the edge of obliteration.  It is our responsibility to survive.

Because Together We Are Stronger


The World of Fire is Big Enough for all the Strong Ones!






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